Q. How long should I keep my documents before I destroy them?
RIPIT SHREDDING suggests that you obtain clear independent advice as to how long you should keep any records. We suggest that you liaise with your Accountant or the relevant industry / governing body that oversees that particular document in question.

A government body that you could contact is the Australian Taxation Office.
Please be aware that the Australian Taxation Office states that if you destroy documents before the end of the retention period and are then required to produce them, you are in fact liable and may be committing a criminal offence.
Q. Do we do small jobs?

Yes we do. There is a minimum charge of $20.00 including GST.

Q. Is a certificate of destruction issued?

A Certificate of Destruction is always issued on completion of the job. The Certificate of Destruction is in accordance with Class 3 & 4 (DIN 32757)

Q. How do we collect your shredding?

Our customised truck and experienced business operators collect your secure shredding bins all of the time. We then weigh your materials on site. If your documents are stored in archive boxes we can pallet the materials into our truck and weigh the materials as well. All secure shredding bins are then placed into our secure vehicle. We then replace your bins immediately with an empty replacement, to their usual location, to ensure minimal disruption to your staff.
Every document is transported in our secure vehicle to our factory warehouse where documents are shredded as soon as practicable (usually within 36 hours).

Q. Can the shredding of your items be viewed?

Yes, absolutely. RIPIT SHREDDING allows clients to view the destruction of their records (by arrangement ONLY).

Q. Can plastic items be shredded?

Yes, at RIPIT SHREDDING we are committed to reducing landfill. We therefore provide the collection service of :

  • CD’s
  • Floppy Discs,
  • Computer Discs
  • Credit Cards
  • Membership Cards