Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
Our simple mission at RIPIT SHREDDING is to reduce landfill by recycling. We shred and recycle items such as office paper, cardboard, newspapers and plastic wrap. Our shredded materials are then bailed and sent by truck to Melbourne where they are recycled back into various reusable household items.
Reducing our Carbon Footprint
Every year RIPIT SHREDDING sends over 350 tonnes of recycled products to be recycled. This commitment to recycling not only helps prevent environmental pollution, but also reduces the amount of materials dumped into our landfill and waste disposal sites.

You can help the ENVIRONMENT
and do your bit by recycling your OFFICE PAPER
That 1 tonne of recycled waste paper saves 17 trees!

Over 50% of office waste is PAPER and this usually ends up as landfill. RIPIT SHREDDING can assist you to recycle your office paper which will in turn help the environment and our future generations.