We do the SHREDDING and save YOU money?
Why have a staff member spend hours, upon hours tied to a shredding machine, shredding single sheets of office paper, stopping each time to take out staples, paper clips, bulldog clips, binding strips and the like?  When RIPIT SHREDDING can do the hard work for you. 
RIPIT SHREDDING saves you money
  • No bin rental
  • No service contracts
  • Fully secure
  • Total reliability
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • No outside contractors used
Our Prices:
  • Very affordable and competitive prices
  • No bin rental charges
  • No fuel levies
  • No delivery or pick up fees
  • No fees for the issue of a “Certificate of Destruction”
  • Cost efficient plans for regular services
  • All charges are determined by weight.
  • We have a minimum collection charge of $20.00